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Please may I also have a review on this for my friend Jack :3 - any thoughts, reviews, improvements etc. xxx THANK YOU!

Chapter 1
Guards stood either side of Zach, they both wore helmets with steel moulded faces- like that of 2 raging lions, and crimson red capes that had the gleam of the finest silk. The three gentlemen stood before a gleaming portal, a portal so beautiful that pulsated in various shades of blue, silver and white. The room that contained said beautiful gateway was miniscule compared to the afore mentioned beckoning halls of the Council Quarters, and this room wasn't silver either, it held a glow similar to that of the guards crimson capes, contrasting uncomprehendingly with the shimmers of the portal. Through the wavering mass, facing Zach and the guards stood a figure similar to the man who declared Zach's punishment, the robes and shadowed face matched almost precisely that of the other gentleman.
"Zachariah Ro Dusk, you have been sentenced to exile. Crimes unforgivable render you as poison to our people, and as death serves as no satisfactory response, exile seems the next most fitting. Luckily for you, it is your choice of destination; so long as it is there you stay for the rest of your days. From then on, you will be part of the recipient's justice. Do you understand?" a voice so stern it only became monotonous soon on,
"I understand, my choice of destination is Earth, Sol System, Galaxy 3.22.33," Zach seemed confident in his choice, not like how he seemed in the court.
"Hmm, interesting choice. Well what can I say; if you're one for humans then it's no wonder you're here in the first place. Before you go Zach, you do get your Parting Message to family and accomplices. On wave we have your mother and father, Meline and Barnow, and the only person who came forward as an accomplice, Tirak Ro Dusk," The last name sparked a certain interest in Zach's ear, a fellow Dusk Priest. This was highly unusual, Dusk Priests never liked to associate themselves with guilty comrades, in fear that the crime will be considered mutual. The portal's swirling display became more dense, blocking the face of the man behind, and revealing 2 new in the haze.
The faces were of his parents, Meline to the right and Barnow to the left. His father held the classic fatherly discerning look, his mother weeping into her draped sleeves. Zach hung his head, he could not bear to look at them straight, he felt guilt for the first time in years, the striking dagger that it was. The sagged face of his father Barnow stretched to raise his trembling upper lip, mirroring Zach in the courts, his father probably maintaining even his son's own guilt.
"It's been 18 years since we last saw you Zach. And the first news we hear of you is murder. The murder of a princess… my own son, killing an innocent princess—" to which Zach quickly retaliated,
"SHE WAS NOT  INNOCENT! Anything but that! It was to her that—"
"I don't want to hear it Zach!" his mother suddenly cried out, "We as your parents want to love who we brought in to the world, but you've made that so hard for us. Disappearing overnight, living a life of secrecy and deceit. 18 years Zachariah, 18 years I'll never forgive you for wasting!" Zach couldn't retaliate, he just simply couldn't, the words of his father struck hard, but his mother's struck sly in to his gut, a pale blade that stabbed, twisted, and then jerked.
"I can feel your hate through the eyes, and your words bore deeper than you think. I am not proud of what I do, and I am even less proud to say that my parents disapprove, but I don't do this because I want to. I kill because I must. Till my death I will try to retrace your approval, but that day is yet to come and there is still time," These words seem to strike Zach's parents equally as harsh as theirs had hit him. Both of them break down in to tears, as the image of their weeping faces fade.
Zach tried to recollect himself, the elder's face reappearing behind the haze.  A slight smirk came to the elder as he came in to vision, to which Zach became hostile to, as he knew this was nothing but mockery.
"Your own parents," a small giggle broke his speech  "Even they can't forgive you, really tells you something doesn't it," it was evident the elder was trying to aggravate Zach.
"I've been tried for murder once, old man, I am not afraid to be tried again," the smirk quickly evacuating itself from the elder's face. This was a look that Zach didn't have to bare for long, as the image of a black hooded figure emerged in the haze in the same fashion his parents had. This was apparently Tirak Ro Dusk, the fellow Dusk Priest that had aroused his interest before. The image remained silent for a few, perhaps there was something wrong, but the gaze between Zach and Tirak remained fixed for a second in curiosity.
"Is this Tirak Ro Dusk I have the pleasure of speaking to?" and yet the image still remained silent for a moment, before giving a very deep and ominous reply that shook his eardrums softly, making Zach humble to him,
"Zach Ro Dusk," a small chuckle like that of the elder broke his part of discourse, "It is not often I speak with a youngling, never mind a youngling who has possibly achieved more in his career than I have in mine. Humbled, I assure you. I request no reply, only your ear to take this message to wherever you part. The brotherhood has its eye on you, Zach. While others judge you and cast you out, we praise you for all that you have done, I won't lie, there are those who have doubted you and your often… erratic behaviour, but I can assure you that the majority are on your side. You're an anomaly, you act in ways we have never seen, and you show initiative and awareness far superior to that of even the most experienced. You're valuable, Zach, extremely so," there was a moment of silence, Zach did not know how to reply, of course Zach knew that he was something peculiar, but he had no idea he had those who held such high regard for him within his own circles. Astonishment froze him still, until,
"Thank you, brother, your words are great comfort to the unrested mind. But Brother Tirak, I wish to know the true meaning of your presence here. You claim me to be extraordinary, and if the skills that have granted me such a reputation serve me well even till now, I can tell there is something you wish to inform me of under your pleasantries," and with those words, a sudden sharp glint came between their eyes,
"You continue to impress me, Zach. And you're more than correct; I come to you with a warning, a warning of grave important. You know of Brother Malonori?" Tirak's voice inflecting to imply such strong curiosity.
"Know of Brother Malonori? You think me blind and stupid, Tirak? Who knows not of him? A villain, a scoundrel and all-round bad apple. Offences to date count 4 acts of High Treason, 7 acts of Unjust Murder, 14 counts of Political Treachery, the list goes on. Known as he who fell to sin, to then rise and bring it back up with him. Know of Brother Malonori, I do all too well," Zach seeming casually insulted by this,
"Good, that will save us some time. Your reputation has, believe it or not, stirred up some interest in the lower circles, Malonori Ro Dusk being one of many whose said interest was caught. Malonori means to kill you, to put it simple. Malonori sees you as the terrorist and himself as the misunderstood hero trying to do well. Now you're being exiled, he plans to hunt you down and kill you, to then make a triumphant return as stalwart hero of the land," both men seemed in synch as they raised an eyebrow in confusion or curiosity.
"But I'm getting my punishment? Surely, if he were to do such a thing he'd be tried for murder? Double jeopardy is it not!? To kill me on no level of the Exile Agreement would be recognised as unjust!?" Zach's miscomprehension turning in to slight anger. The image of Tirak faded slightly, wavering with the portal itself. Had he said something that someone didn't want him knowing? Was the elder knowledgeable of what the 2 of them had been discussing? But before any more questions arose, the image came in to sudden focus with Tirak's face far closer to the perspective.
"Apologies, lost signal there for a moment. Malonori has everything figured out, a whole story, and witnesses willing to testify on his behalf. Malornori's going to kill the hu--," but before Brother Tirak could finish, his image shattered violently, making the portal thrash momentarily out of its frame, before returning to its tranquil state. The elder's face didn't seem at all shaken by this, he remained still. Zach tried to look around the portal's edges, seeing if anything at all was coming through, but Zach's focus was broken by,
"Dusk Priests, make me sick. Glad to see you go, will this world. Anyway, Zach, I think you've had your share of goodbyes now, don't you think?" despite what happened, the elder seemed all too calm,
"The sooner I leave, the better I should imagine," Zach replied quite sarcastically.
"Earth it is then Zach, farewell to someone who… could've gone so far, but chose the path of the heathen instead. Initiating travel," a wave of the elders hand made the portal glow stunningly brighter, blinding almost, a blue energy started leaking from the portal allowing it to expand its frame. The myriad of colours burst open, to reveal green, white and blue, it was the Earth. The portal viewed from space the majesty of the Earth's grace. A sudden blow to the back of the head from one of the guards suddenly rendered Zach unconscious, leaving him to propel forward slightly and trip in to the gateway. His entrance splayed a flash, to which the portal suddenly closed entirely, not leaving even its peaceful form behind. Zack, was falling to Earth.

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